Smallville Season 10 poster
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Smallville Season 10

In 1989, the city of Smallville was hit by a meteor rockfall, the consequences of which were catastrophic. There is little left of the city. Meanwhile, in a family where there were no children, a baby appears – Clark Kent. The years go by. Clark is already studying at the school desk. His gift does not give him peace, he asks himself who he is. Among other things, he is crazy about Lana Lang, a girl from his class. Her father and mother disappeared when there was a meteor rockfall. What happened creates tension in their communication. Careful parents of the young man try to hide the secret in every way, they do not even allow him to play for the school football team. Once, Clark protected from the death of a young entrepreneur Lex Luther, when his car was about to crash, falling through a bridge into the water. This was the beginning of the unusual adventures of the superhero Clark Kent.

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