Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 poster
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7

Detective Jacob Peralta is one of those people who are called upstarts. He behaves defiantly and sometimes irresponsibly treats the task. Despite this, the policeman manages to achieve success in his work, which clearly annoys his colleague Amy Santiago. It seems that there is a war going on between the characters, but the main characters clearly have warm feelings for each other. However, so far their thoughts are connected only with work and solving crimes. Besides, big changes are coming to the department. A new boss will come to the squad of the main characters, which will be radically different from the previous one. Jacob Peralta is not averse to making fun of the newcomer, but he turns out to be a tough nut to crack and takes the bull by the horns. So begins a rather difficult, but very fruitful cooperation of the characters. The American sitcom "Brooklyn 9-9" returns to the screens with the seventh season.

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